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How does private equity work and what can it do for you?

June 24, 2021

Wayne Wu - VMG Partners - How does private equity work?

Some of what Dave and his guest, Wayne Wu of VMG Partners covered in this episode includes

  • People should focus on partnerships and who can be helpful.
  • Can you rely on hero SKUs to carry your business into the future?
  • Supporting innovation that changes the health and wellness profile of consumers. 

Wayne says, "We want to get to know people and hustle to get to know folks and try to be helpful. In the spirit of meeting interesting people, we're going to make interesting investments along the way, as long as we've been genuinely trying to be additive and helpful to the ecosystem and meet a lot of interesting people and good things will happen.

About VMG Partners:

VMG Partners (“VMG”) is a private equity firm specializing in building iconic consumer brands. Since it was founded in 2005, VMG has been at the forefront of consumer products investing, partnering with entrepreneurial companies, founders and co-investors to deliver a depth of experience to help grow, scale and prepare companies for exit.

Beyond capital, their value-added investment approach utilizes our deep experience, strategic guidance, and passionate focus to help their partners accelerate growth, scale brand awareness, and achieve their own definition of success.


There's no definition on how small an investment fund could be a private investment fund, whether it be defined as private equity, growth equity, or venture capital, there's no like minimum size and there's no maximum size. They just end up focusing on different things."