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Progress has been made in diversifying boards, but how about our every day life?

February 24, 2021


Boards are making a lot of progress. Dave’s guest, Abby Adlerman attributes this to recent California laws:  SB-826, SB-AB979 known as the Women in the Boardroom and Diversifying Boards laws. Details here


Thinking about board and executive succession plans, if the CEO was hit by a bus, who would be in line? CEOs are spending more time thinking about the impact of this and putting forth their wishes, grooming them so several would be good candidates, rather than not having any choices. Diversity is also finally coming into play. Diversity will give longevity to the vision of the organization.

Dave pulls his own covers as he reviewed his lists for past and near future podcasts. He's not very diverse, so he took a look at that and asked the question is it due to he only knows certain demographics? Is the food industry that narrow? Abby validated his observations and they talk about new lenses to try on.